Product - June Wild Peach

June by g'vine

Maison Villevert created a world-famous gin: G’Vine. Elaborated and produced in Cognac from French grapes, G’Vine is a symbol of French lifestyle. In the heart of this region famous for its expertise when it comes to the distillation of the finest spirits, Maison Villevert let its passion, creativity and know-how run free to create this extraordinary gin.

It comprises several natural essences and aromatic plants blended according to a secret recipe and re-distilled in a special still named Lily Fleur – specially built for G’Vine Floraison. This last re-distillation step makes G’Vine uniquely soft and fresh.

This is the extraordinary gin base that made June possible. June is a symbol of joy and sharing either face to face or with your online tribe. Its unique style will be the spark of your evenings with friends, and of your social feeds. You know why? Because June is the gin liqueur your Instagram has been craving for!

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