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The June experience

June is a flavoured gin liqueur with a happy, fresh and wonderful nature. Its ripe, sun-kissed fruit aromas make the good times you share with your friends shine even brighter. June is flavoursome and soft: perfect for brunch! It will be ideal for a sunny picnic with its fresh taste. You will enjoy sharing it with your dearest friends, at home or during a festival!

Inspired by G’Vine – which serves as its gin base – June is a delicate and elegant gin liqueur softened by wild peach and summer fruits. And it is easy to use: a splash of sparkling water is enough to make its flavours and its wonderful texture pop. Champagne is also a great choice for those extra special moments!

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A flavoursome and joyful gin liqueur

Its beautiful pink bottle dresses June up with style, perfectly complimenting its rich taste infused with wild peach and summer fruits. The perfect fit for independent-minded people who want to enjoy a playful and wonderful experience. Lighter and brighter than G’Vine – Maison Villevert’s famous grape-based gin – June is the perfect companion of the joyful moments you share with your friends.

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The gluten-free gin that can be shared !

This gin liqueur is stylish – just like you! It will make your happy moments and memories shine even brighter, and make you want to spread the love with your online tribe!

To fully enjoy June, check out our serving suggestions and be inspired by its rich simplicity.

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